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Days of our forefathers...
Time even earlier than theirs
The stone age of ancient times
To the renaissance era...
To the highways of the net
Mighty unimaginable...

The paradox of time in history...
Alarming, disturbing, contradicting
The age of no more trial and error
All at once in an instant world
Cloned to perfection...
Surpassing procreation

Of taller buildings but shorter tempers
Of wider freeways but viewpoints narrower
Attempt to spend more, still finding less
Even so to spend more but enjoying least
Ears pretending deft to the cries of the agrieved
The eyes that see, yet can't see deep within

Adding years to life, barely life to years...
Learnt of a grandeur living but not life of worth
Cleansed of the air but have polluted the minds
In conquest of outer space but not the inner space
Existence of larger things, yet considered below par
The rule of the mind: quantity yields profits than quality

Humans bursted off to the moon and back...
Can't even cross the street to shake a neighbor's hand
Safer, faster, free of charge...making love to a 'puter
Lovers behind screens couldn't make it to the real scene
Raising more computers for more updated information...
Never realizing unresolved gap in communication

'tis the time for more foods but less of nutrition,
Fast foods, instant juices inducing slow digestions
Tall, muscular men but short of character
A time of world peace but more domestic warfare
Two incomes chased by couples, why more have divorced? ...
Fancier houses yet more of broken homes

The question on mind, the resolve of which
The descretion to choose between wiz and wit
Surmounting the peril, the power to rule it
Hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil
Choose the lesser evil, the difference is ours to make,
For the next generation...for humanity's sake...

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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