Night Is For Silence

I sleep less
Worry can be seen on face
Next day spoils mood
Anxiety is clearly understood

Not even good music appeals
Not even good food tests real
Life seems burden
Many thoughts invade all of sudden

Mind is bogged down
As if train is derailed with wagons
The traffic is disrupted
While schedule for the day is interrupted

I hold the pen and stat to write
There is lot more passion to ignite
Mind stops fresh entry with tiredness
I feel no use to make frantic chase

World is changing fast
It has gained momentum from the start
Many people set themselves with natural art
Others align with process and feel as part

I want good company
That has been offered by many
I love to be near with nature
As I feel helpless and ordinary creature

One must utilize full time at disposal
Give full respect to day and night’s arrival
Day is meant to struggle and achieve
Night is for silence and be strictly believed

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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