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Poem By Catherine Elaine

We are teetering on the brink of change
the way dusk totters on the edge of day.
The summer blinks into brisk nights.
Nothing’s changed- no, not yet- but
everything inside feels pregnant with new
as the soul peers over now towards

Black-eyed Susans burst in greeting,
these harbingers winking coming change.
The heart splits at
children’s glee. They
splash and tag.
(you were them once.
it hasn’t been so many moons) .

The stifling heat dissipates,
thieving away with every thought you ever thought you thought.
The sun will rise again (and soon) .
And yes, my friend, we will crumble away
on clouds. So fluffy (sans crashing cymbals)
as though we were never there at all.

So why the wonders of why...
the aches of “remember when”?
The sea, after all, wipes away all prints,
and the sun dries up rain.
No reason really.
Except this:
Oh, how sweet droplets taste before sun steals them back.
How grittily real— sand before tide between pressing toes!

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Comments (1)

Absolutely love the last stanza... The poem conveys well a sense of time, place and emotion.