BIM (5-30-76 / Tennessee)


There is a part of me that is on the other side..
It walks with me parallel.
Like a mirror every single day, and when I get curious to see me,
I have to turn my head and look away.
I do not want to see that parallel me.
Sometimes though, walking down this path called life,
It stops me in mid step to remind me why.
I walk parallel with my pain, with memories of my past,
with the thunder and the rain a roaring blast.
When I connect with me I drown in sorrow and not sure that I could face tomorrow.
I want to be happy and see the things around me,
Not the parallel side, the side so angry.
The parallel side has seething hate, sorrow and feels life is to late.
Knows I am an orphan now it is so clear,
Sometimes it screams at me but I do not want to hear.
So I walk parallel with this other side of me.
And I only show everyone what I want them to see.
This keeps me safe on the inside and out,
That parallel side, I can do without.

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