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Parallel Universe
CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

Parallel Universe


We all have a parallel universe,
The keys some never find,
The entry points never the same.

Our individual chemical key automatically
Shows us a slither of light beaming through
The cracks of an unopened door,
Once opened this entry point vanishes as we enter,
Never to be found again,
The key allowing us to travel within this parallel space,
With an insight only possible if we choose to explore.
This parallel is the fairy tale version of our reality.

Like a mirror image without any destructive emotion,
No sharp corners, no sense of time, no hurry, and no fear!
As we feast within this space the chemicals that brought us there begin to break down.
We are quickly guided toward an exit,
The trip is over as the door closes and vanishes.
This amazing fairytale will now become a memory,
We endlessly search for this lost place,
We try to create the exact chemical key,
Hoping this will guide us to our amazing memory.

Without fail every chemical unlocks we an entry point
The point of entry is never the same one.
Each space consumes our emotions as we enter,
And greets us with feelings of warmth and comfort.
Everything seen and heard is clear without imperfection,
Each time complete with individual heights of sensation.
Another insight, and another beautiful memory.

When we choose to explore these altered states,
Without allowing for these consumed chemicals to dissolve,
We then begin to create involuntary combinations,
Giving us keys to enter spaces that must be wastelands
For all of the emotions extracted from our fairytales.
As we enter into these black holes, waves of fear crash over us,
Blurring our vision making it difficult to breathe.
Anxiety, self-doubt and anger consume this space.
We franticly search in this darkness for an exit.
This nightmare seems as though it will never end.
So we hold on tight until this ride is over.
Then suddenly we are given an escape.
A sigh of relief.
Another memory – lost!
One we hope never to find again.

The desire to escape into worlds of perfection is too strong.
So we choose to take the chance over and over,
We continue to explore our parallel worlds!

March 2003

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