Paranoia And Suicide

I wrote this one a long time ago.

Say goodbye to tomorrow before I say hello
Done with it all, I say farewell
Demons running circles in my head
With your eyes all judging me

Not good enough, Not good enough
I've tried to live up to your expectations
A Horrible man, A Horrible man
You have labeled me
Unforgiven, Don't forgive him
I don't ask for forgiveness

Always underneath, being walked on
Thoughts of my own, but not allowed to think
A lonely scorpion I sit alone
A lonely scorpion wishing

Leave him behind, Leave him behind
I've tried to keep up with you
Not worthy, Not worthy
I'm not worthy of you
Evil man, Evil man
I am sure they have called me

Bleed the pain out of my veins
Holding the pistol, to blow out my brains

Stressing the seams of my mind
Until the monster is released
The chains slowly breaking
Slowly it is freeing itself
The rage I have held within
The struggle I have within
My existence is a sin

by Electric Tripp

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its interesting i have to admit. i really hope you didnt feel like that. either way, its pretty good