Aren't these sensible shoes on my feet?
I wear my shades so our eyes don't meet
I'm scared every night and day
Pretend I'm deaf, so I can't hear what you say

I would pretend that I was blind and couldn't see
But that would take of a lot of work
With questions asked a deaf man
Couldn't answer, Isn't that smart of me?

Is being this paranoid better than having fun?
I watch closely, will he use his hands, knife, or a gun?
My knuckles are white, wrapped around my mace
All this comes from never finding a plausible mate

There is always someone stalking me
He's not my brother, he's my enemy
Is he behind the door at the back of the tree?
It really doesn't matter, he's there to get me

I walk the streets on moonless nights
He is out there somewhere waiting
For the blind man to come on by
Then he'll pounce in the blink of an eye

Jim 1984

by James Casey

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