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Paranoid Dreams
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Paranoid Dreams

lonely afternoon
furtive doses of marijuana
paranoid dreams.

a mindless job
the same things over and over again
the same words
the same phonecalls
living in the IT dream city
working in a call center in bangalore.
working nights
sleeping days
doing drugs
scoring babes
earning hot cash
fast bikes
lots of booze
loud music
real hot babes
spending foolishly
living the dream dude
living the IT dream.

i talk to people i dont know
they don't wan't to talk to me
i have to talk to them in order to get paid
i don't know these people i have to talk to
don't like them
they are from another world
they don't like me
but i need the cash
i need to score some stuff tomorrow
need my weed and my other trips dude
need to stay awake all night
need the life
i am tripping on the IT dream.

i am 22 years old
only child
parents are doctors
am in college, exams around the corner
i earn more here than i would in a regular job
just cause some fools in the us of a
charge too much to do something so simple
why blame me if i like this trip.

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