In the beginning was the Thought and the Thought was with God and the Thought was God; the Thought was with God in the beginning.

Through the Thought all things were created; without the Thought nothing was created that has been created.

In and from the Thought was life and that life was the Thought given to the first man and woman to protect, nurture, and pass on to their continuity.

The existence of Thought is what simultaneously joins and also separates mankind to this world and the creator's universal and ever lasting presence.

Darkness exists for itself, while light is shared; darkness is space devoid of all substance, beauty and life; while light brings forth from the Thought to understand and illuminate the darkness.

All individual human Thought returns to the source of light; while darkness continues to eternally search for its purpose and resurrection back into light.

How wonderful and diverse are the creator's Thoughts in each earthly presentation
Those of nature, mankind's reasonable acts and each child's being; in every nation.

The universal creator speaks not words but in image's bathed by our gift of earthly light
Seeking not praise and glory but human rational Thought, Justice and acts of right.

The Thought needs not a language of human tongue but only through creative signs
Man must remove the darkness from a child's life and transform them into acts of sublime.

Humanities existence can only be expressed by, in and from individual Thought
All else is nonsense; irrelevant or self serving; and this you can believe or else of not.

A word can be archaic, obsolete or change to veil their original meaning of truthful intent
Questions are to produce Thoughts; to seek and find, what an author intended or meant.

Language satisfies the requirements of life and time, while we search for purpose and why
There is a beginning; time in which it grows and changes; then it succumbs, to finally die.

The human mind is our producer of all and every human Thought, intent and choice
It resides under our dome as our earthly grail and is the cup, of our internal human voice.

To remove questions from the human experience is as to extinguish the light from our sun
Precious is the human uniqueness, Thought; and all gifts that come from the holy one.

Our human mind cannot comprehend, understand or know fully of the universal plan
Responsibility for all time given to us on earth; is equally shared, by both woman and man.

04-03-06 Aho Speaks.

by AHO Speaks

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