DL (28.2.91 / Israel, Tel Aviv)


Even if I have to die,
All I want is to sit and fry,
The things in me I don't accept,
But to rid of them I'll have to die with no regret.

And no one will care,
How I will fare,
They will all try to feel they helped,
And say they all felt.

What was never there. [? ]

They will stand up and say,
Don’t give up the way!
Be optimistic, happy,
But for me, no ones there.

For them there is always someone,
For them there is someone who'll hold up the sun.
But for me there will never be,
My entire life I'll search for somebody.

But because I'll never fight for another,
People won't fight for me, so why bother?
I'm just a parasite in a box,
And people care more for their pair of socks.

But I'll live on.
Living free.
Even if the only one that fights for me,
Is me.

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