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Pardon Me For Being A Woman
JD ( / Danbury, Connecticut)

Pardon Me For Being A Woman

Your arduous desires were like condensation
When thngs got hot evaporation
Coming home to me is a drag
When I try to get your attention, I’m a nag

Sorry for being a woman
Sorry for being someone to come home to

I didn’t know someone put a gun to yo head
Causing you to wed
Was I suppose to say, No!

When things burden you down
And your face is wearing a frown
Who do you turn for help to discern
The real problem

The house I take care of
The children I love

I wanted a place of my own
A place to call home
Most of all man please understand
I wanted you

Pardon me for being a woman

I asked for some of your time
Now all I have is time
Is it so horrible
To want to be with you, man

Pardon me for being a woman

Why blame me for the responsibility
What difference did it make
I’m not your wife or your mate
Why blame me for saying yes
You ended up married to your business

Sorry, if I didn’t approve
It was hard adjusting to the move
Especially since you demand to be first
But I’m suppose to settle for last that hurts

Pardon me! Forgive me! For being a woman

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