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Parent's Woes (1)

When the parents have unruly teenage children,
the following things would have them much frightened.

Playing truant and drop-out of the class.
Hooking to the illegal drug.
Recruiting to the gangs.
Addiction to alcohol and always get drunken.
Huffing and puffing of cigarette smoke.
Becoming lazy, rude and useless bloke.
Involvement in rowdy street fight.
Partying wild late into the night.
Speeding and squealing the car on high way.
In terrible accident crippling and death, a heavy price he would pay.
A saying ' Mum, I am pregnant.'
without knowing the other half of the baby's parent.
Over-indulgent in promiscuous sex play,
positive HIV test would scare the light out of the day.
A midnight call from the cop,
is like hitting on the head by the thunderbolt.
Murder or be murdered is the haunting ghost.
Being killed by the drug overdose.
Rotting in prison by life sentence.
Loss of freedom there until death.

These parents are at a loss,
but pray with their fingers crossed.

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Comments (2)

Well i ticked them all off, you havent missed a one! we do our very best for them, be it daughter or a son i can't believe the pain i've felt, for i've been down this road its not over yet, i still feel the burdon of the load thank you U Win Kyi
A parent once told me that all we can do as parents is be there and give them 100% of your knowledge and support in every aspect of lifes ditches, we all fall into them, it is taking the right route out that is hard and gets harder. Great little reminder of the challenges for both parents and children in this 21st century. Tai, a proud mother with her eye firmly on the ball!