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Parent's Wow.

The Junior High Exam results coming out,
Some so happy, overjoyed with scream and shout.
They passed with flying colors,
the fruit of hard work, no wonders.
But some students are worthy of much praise,
from the very poor family they are raised.
Their performance so amazed,
though they have disadvantage.

One very poor student got vey high marks,
though he couldn't afford the special tuition class.
He did very well in all subjects,
by himself with the school teacher's help..
One school girl did very brilliant,
yet her family's income was so scant,
earned by her single mother,
for early death of her father.
There was a pair of twin sisters,
studying for exam together.
They emerged as distinction winners,
showing 2 heads is better than 1 as a good example.

Some appeared as a dark horse,
some smart students unfortunately did very worse.
Some easy-goers did very bad,
but they didn't seem very sad.

Teacher's duty is like 'leading a cow to the lake,
To drink or not to drink water is a decision it must make.'
If he forces the cow to drink, he will be gored,
to the very heart -core.

Successful students made a big ' Wow! '
and their parents became very proud.

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