Parents Are Teachers

Did you ever think of the teachers you have had?
Your very best teachers were your Mom and Dad.
From day one they were worrying and watching over you.
They always seemed to know just what they had to do.
Taught you to patty cake, throw a kiss and that's not all.
How about walking, talking and to toss a ball.
Learning to walk and one falls and takes a spill.
Parents kiss the pain away, they save a doctor bill.
So many things, from here on, that parents are doing.
teaching their kids, always worrying and stewing.
Send the children off to school, they love their teachers, they come home raving.
You've taught them well, when in school you know they are behaving.
They take and pass their drivers test! Biggest worry so far.
It means they will tease and beg to use the family car.
Children - Soon you will be the parent and hear yourself a saying
all the things that you hear when you feel like misbehaving.

by Margie Dolohanty

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