Parents Cant Let Go

Many people dont live the life i do, many were not raised how i was raised; some of us in the world goes through hurt and pain-some just on different days regardless of what most of our parents react the same.Therefore, in various ways i feel we can relate.

I have to ask, do you have the type of parents that through their eyes your still a child? or even the type of parents that compare their lives to your life.Always find a way to justify their wrong and make it right?

You know the type of parents that worry themselves sick over childishness or get overly mad over foolishness, yeah the type that likes to put you on punishment yell at you; when fed up calls it quits.the ones that catch a fit over one dish being in the sink, oh yeah and everyone has the parent who gets mad at what you think.

Everyone one at some point had the type of parent that just wont give you your space, said you can only get that space when you get your own place.Everybody goes through the speech that who you think are your friends will stab you in the back...someone tell me how parents confuse giving your opinion as talking back?

To be continued...........(sorry about that)

by Queen Taz

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