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Parents Evening (Watching From The Window)
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Parents Evening (Watching From The Window)

Poem By Not Long Left

i sit by my window,
watching in apprehension,
fingers clenched tight,
feeling sick from the tension.

tonight is the night
when the teachers
get there revenge,
smugly stating
'well where do i start,
he never listens,
he talks to much,
he drives me round the bend'
'his homework is always late,
his folders a state,
he disrupts the class,
and he talks to fast'

if mum and dad,
get out of the car, looking glum,
i'll know whats to come,
lecture after lecture,
sigh after sigh,
then those dreaded words,
'you can kiss your holiday goodbye'

but if i see a smile,
then all is ok,
lashing of praise,
and of how i've made there day.

Eventually the waiting is complete,
im straining to see the smile,
i so desperatly seek.,
but to my dismay its a frown i see,
oh how i wish i wasn't me.

think of an excuse before it's to late,
blame it on God,
blame it on fate,
i bet all those teachers are smiling tonight,
whilst i here in here in expectant fright

up the stairs come mum and dad,
my heart beating
no, thumping-
drumming agaisnt my rib cage.

i prepare myself for the frowns and sighs,
but to my utter suprise,
i hear those blessed words,
'well done son,
not bad at all'

and i am left thinking
did they go to the right school

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apologies i ment to type 'those blessed words' not 'no blessed words'
We just went through parent/teacher conferences here. (All good though, I'm happy to say) Here the kids come with us......that way they have to come up with the 'excuses' right there on the spot. I loved this Vincent! Great poem. Sincerely, Mary