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Pario Epulae
(January 01 / Earth?)

Pario Epulae

Poem By Michael Walkerjohn

What force lives life,
enough just for love;
toiled strife earned,
thought's touch, time's turns;
fates' cross, dream's trysts,
love's wish, lust's burn;
entrusts' poured thirsts,
soothe truth's yearns;
pleading's passions pushed,
towards heart's inflames;
responding bouffe,
heat from flesh earns;
pleasure's cinch secures,
scorched lust filled minds;
shames flee, loves' freed,
two feed life's bournes.

Time moves these thoughts,
through life's constant dreams;
mood's scruff, lust's leer,
mind's crave, soul's screams;
present's trend, flesh blends,
hearts two they bleed;
blood spills life's thrills,
loves' crows demean;
living's means, taste's fresh,
Id's raves, self's trusts;
first lust's hot grasp,
cum craving's schemes;
oath's strut, eyes smut,
vision's candid cling;
night's flesh,
ignites moral's redeem.

Confusion's tense,
as does swelling flesh;
mind's ire refreshed,
haste's' wastes charred sweets;
thought rends one's schwing,
along morning's rise;
awakening wants,
from lust's treats;
tryst's twists of threes,
longing's mete, cusp's thighs;
upon bared flesh,
lewd honey seats;
breath's deep inhales,
tastes of passion's scents;
yearning's sultry mons,
love's choice suites.

Awakening's ruse,
mind's eye awry;
irreality's bliss
drawn wried;
truth exists,
love's passions, life's subsists;
dream weaves once spun,
reveal loose thighs;
exposing thus,
as midnight's partied raves;
chanced moment's meetings,
deeply prised;
mind's soothe,
its glowing relights love's stage;
lust's smooth, one's choice;
eflect fate's guise.

Lust's hold,
one's greatest needs worth the risks;
price life plays,
for loves lived afresh;
please, please passion's
pleasures prideful pomp;
this mouth filled mosh,
glamour's relish;
emotion's tease,
suggestion's nisus;
scent's sense,
sates' soul's slutty ruttish;
status succumbs,
glimmer's moments stomped;
sensation's minx,
pares lust's fetish.

Reality's wench,
one's inner bitch;
mind's clasp, that source wished
through Id's spores;
rarely, does bliss crease
life's passions lipped;
leer, does lust's smile,
as thought's scum pours;
raucous tastes,
tongue mounting's passions;
are self's perversions;
rave, ride wild's surreal,
spend taunt fleshed pouts;
crimes rued devout,
worshipped by whores.

Forewarned, foresight, minds'
sense ripened wombs;
truth's hawk, time's roue,
point's quiet absurd;
thoughts play,
upon life's narrowing's viewed;
scent's mists portrayed,
lewd lusts' the word!
Reveal then this,
lust's flow drowns meek minds;
those strong survive,
to sums' perturbs;
truth known insists,
lust's love fetes life's muse;
scent therefore,
imparts feast superb!

Creation's proof,
one's existence known;
self's succus mixed,
then served for two;
juice's ripe, lust's delights,
life's soul foods;
drenched thoughts,
in luxuria's brews;
élan's bezoars,
flaming privates kissed;
want's gasps defined,
by hunger's coups;
elixir savours',
sweet juices stewed;
quenched desires prove,
lusting's ado's.

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