Am A Mother I Know! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

~Am a mother~~
~I know.~~
~Why my children call~~
~what's scares them~~
~Or make them scream and cry.~~
~Am a mother~~~~
~I know.~~
~when they giggle~~
~when they squall~~
~when they smile.~~
~when they sleep.~~
~Am a mother~~~~
~And I also know, ~~~~
~when they'll grow up~~
~to be Men and women
~They won't tell me~~~~
~what's bothering them, ~~~~
~what's on their minds~~
~ Or what goes on within their hearts~~
~Just because they wouldn't~~
~ want to distress me~~~~
~They'll always try to hide~~
~They'll simply think, ~~~
~Mama can never find out or know~~
~The pain and agony that we're in, ~~~~
~They'll make several excuses~~~~~~
~ for not being able to see me.~~~~~~
~That's when I'll also pretend to not to know
~for that's the mother's nature you see; ~~
~Which children can neve understand or know
~That no matter how hard they try~
~Or how old they grow~
~Mothers can always read~~
~ their hearts N their minds~~
~Because the spirits of Mothers run~~
~with the blood within their children's beings.~
~For I am a mother And I know! ! ! ! ! ! ! ~

by Faeza gilani

Comments (13)

nicely composing and heart touching words stitched superb dream...
A sensitive and delicate piece of work. I've been to Paris and can so well identify it all.
This is such a lyrical poem- it could be put to music and sung in the heart. It charmed me with its simplicity and its pure sparkling joy. Rain on me, I don't care because it's French rain and that is the essence of romance and the essence of this poem. I loved its vivid and moving images, I love how it glows with color, light, and beauty. I love how it expresses a joyous delight in life.
I googled for an hour trying to find if there was a person called Ninette- to the best of my knowledge after seeking the answer to this burning question, there are references to Ninette in fashionable French sewing circles - I think it's like references to Betty Crocker in cooking circles, not a real person.
The little shower is done. Thanks for sharing.
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