I Am Not Me

I am not me
I am not my personality
I am my heart
And my heart is me

Yet it does not belong to me
It belongs to someone else
This someone else lives in my heart

I have given him my heart
I have given him me
I have gave him myself

And I am sad about it
I willingly gave it to him
and he willingly accepted it
yet he didn’t return the gift

he kept it and broke it
he kept me and broke me
he ripped me into pieces
he ripped my heart into pieces

when he finally returned my heart to me
it was barely recognizable
I was barely recognizable
he taped and safety pinned it back together
and then sewed it on to my sleeve

I am now on my sleeve
instead of where I am suppose to be
in my body,
in a cage
where it is useful
where I am useful

by Zooey Lichty

Comments (13)

nicely composing and heart touching words stitched superb dream...
A sensitive and delicate piece of work. I've been to Paris and can so well identify it all.
This is such a lyrical poem- it could be put to music and sung in the heart. It charmed me with its simplicity and its pure sparkling joy. Rain on me, I don't care because it's French rain and that is the essence of romance and the essence of this poem. I loved its vivid and moving images, I love how it glows with color, light, and beauty. I love how it expresses a joyous delight in life.
I googled for an hour trying to find if there was a person called Ninette- to the best of my knowledge after seeking the answer to this burning question, there are references to Ninette in fashionable French sewing circles - I think it's like references to Betty Crocker in cooking circles, not a real person.
The little shower is done. Thanks for sharing.
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