Parisian Showering 1973

I look out
on the Parisian street.

Sonya is in the shower
showering away
our sex juices.

It's a fresh morning
I can smell life
and Sonya's scent
which occupies
the hotel room.

We are going
to Louvre today
see some art
eat in some cafe
and drink
in a few bars
then back here
for more sex.

Sounds like a good day
traffic passes below
people going about
their business.

A pretty woman
goes past
neat legs
swaying ass
dark hair flowing
as she walks.

Some French man
talks on the radio.

I look back
at the rumpled bed
a battlefield of pleasure.

My stomach rumbles
with hunger
we'll go to
some cafe nearby
have breakfast
and coffee
and listen
to the music
that oozes
from speakers.

Sonya comes out
of the shower
wrapped in
a big white towel.

I wish
I was that towel
wrapped about her
touching the intimate
parts of her.

Your turn now
she says
and don't be long.

I nod
and take my towel
and go into
the shower room.

She sings softly
some French song.

by Terry Collett

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