Park Sign Haiku

When in park do not
molest the alligators
Fish & Wildlife Dept.

by The Right Reverend Wessul

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A splendid morning laugh, thank you so much! ! ! !
Goodness me, what a thought! I think it may be the reverse somehow. Don't they put up strange notices sometimes, I always wonder who writes them. You may appreciate this notice, found by a clergyman friend of mine. In England we have chevrons marked out in a large square at crossing junctions, which you must not enter until you can proceed forwards. Right by this chevron square there was the entrane to a cemetery. The notice was fixed to the cemetery gate post. And it said, 'DO NOT ENTER THE BOX, UNTIL YOU SEE THAT YOUR WAY IS CLEAR'. He thought this was hilarious. Hope you see it in the same way! Love Ernestine XXX
Very true. Never molest the alligators because you may not have a hand left, or your life (giggle) . But in the last line there is only 4 syllables instead of 5. But thank you for sharing this. Barbara