(29.07.1959. / Tbilisi)

Bahadur Uthe

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You definitely have something Tsira. It's a certain emotional quality that's hard to define. The unexpected use of language and the introduction of depth/range with carefully chosen phrases make reading your work a genuine pleasure... xxx jim
I gave this an 8. The structure may not have fit the message delivery as well. I still do not understand the full meaning, but I did comprehend the references to Greek mythology. Beyond that, I'm not sure without more information. GW62
Thank you Greg for the help.
Elevated and poignant, suffused with the imagery and symbolism of Greek mythology. Economic and disciplined in the realm of emotions as well as language. A truly remarkable piece of writing, Tsira. Suggestion: change 'astrologer' to astronomer.
So beautiful the way your use the ancient texts to express the reality of your muse. I love your late blooming cactus and the purple pulse pumping through your veins. There is wonder and awe as well as despair in your words. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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