Parody For Liberation

Poem By Chan Mongol

Poem by Chan Mongol
September 10 of 2020

We are claiming the nonsense fat civilization!
Question remains, for what and in what condition?

One mankind but why with many divisions?
Why many beliefs and superstitions?

Nowmake birds with heavy duty stones;
To fully destroy war planes and drones!

Make buttons to deactivate nuclear weapons;
Destroy virus plants and safeguard civilizations.

Rulers pour poison on the nation and religion;
None is making policy to rationally lower population!

Promoting education for nothing really;
Need true civilization as was in the Indus valley.

Scientists and politicians can do civic duty;
Stopping bullshit inventions in own authority.

No war in the human border and soil;
Countless satellites we need to melt down and spoil.

Sick and tired of troubling civilization;
For liberation, let's return to older condition!

To tear down Impossible has to be made possible!
No need for science toys and pernicious military people!

Do things rationally to let us live long and disease free!
All what you been concentrating and making are unnecessary!

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True to a lot of extent. Unfortunately you ignore science at our peril. It is what keeps us alive...e=mc2 aside

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