KF (03/08/82 / Southampton)

(part 1 Of Pain) Words Scar Her Forever

She sits on the bed in the silence,
Words running loud in her head,
The tears sliding down from her sad greying eyes,
As she thought of the thing's he had said,
She looks in the mirror and examines her shape,
Her heart is broken,
Her feelings were raped,
She feels dirty and empty,
Cold and alone,
Whilst the words in her head still go on and on,
You're ugly, you're short, and your body is fat,
What on earth makes you think
That I fancy that,
Pull yourself together,
Sort yourself out,
Although he's not here now,
She still hears him shout,
The torture horriffic,
The abuse she has felt,
Words scar her forever,
To never get out...
She stands there so different her head is right down,
She offers a smile,
He responds with a frown,
She is trying so hard,
To please the beast,
Who is secretly laughing,
Inside underneath,
At what he has done,
So clever this way,
For bruises there are none,
But words they hurt deeper they tear her apart,
The life being sucked out of her soul and her heart,
The weaker she is,
The harder he gets,
He has made just a shell,
Of the person that he met,
Then he turns to the door and flashes a smile,
I'm leaving now,
I will be gone for a while,
My work here is done,
You started full of confidence,
And now you have none....
She is begging and pleading as he walks out the door,
Feeling so empty like never before,
Curls up like a baby her head in her hands,
And cried all those tears for the love of that man,
The man is a monster,
He messed up her head,
Does he not realise,
Inside she is dead,
She makes herself pretty,
For his return home,
But o such a pity if only she'd known,
That when he returned he'd be on a new level,
From now he would not just be her mental abuser,
From now on he decided to physically bruise her,
He walks in through the door,
He see's her stood there,
He runs over and grabs her hard by her hair,
Your nothing he says,
As his hand hit's her face,
When all she had longed for,
Was to feel his embrace.
No matter the pain and the suffering he had caused,
Even there in that action she said,
I am yours....

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Rudyard Kipling


Comments (2)

A very pathetic distress in bliss of love. It's terrible what some women go through in the hands of sadists all for the sake of love. I like the articulation and insight of the poem as it captured the ugly and deplorable situation very well. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
Amid all the agony and pain she endured, the finest love touch deep within her still rampant and beckoning the cruel heart.Great piece from you Kresta.