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(part 2) Imagine (Surreal Thoughts)
(14.1.83 / Luton / Dunstable)

(part 2) Imagine (Surreal Thoughts)

An eight foot man floating past my bedroom window
He is wearing a blue and red bow tie
A clock is talking to me in a very human way
and the sky wants to join in the conversation, but
it's not friends with the clock.
I sit here writing anything that comes to mind
because I can think of
nothing else to do
and I am as bored
as the word itself...

Imagine if I was swallowed up by the floor
Imagine sitting down in an arm chair only to get swallowed up by it
Imagine if you got eaten up by a great white on holiday
and you was in a swimming pool wearing arm bands
because you couldn't swim.
Imagine getting taken hostage by an alien who had the head of a gorilla but the body of a dwarf.

Imagine if hymms were rapped instead of sung

Imagine a cockroach on your tongue

Imagine a different world from this one...

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