KF (03/08/82 / Southampton)

(part 2 Of Pain) She Sits There Feeling Hollow

Crimson, purple, yellow, black and blue,
These colourings all over her,
But nobody else knew,
He did it to be hidden,
Cold and calculated plans,
Some times he used weapons,
Some times his big bare hands,
Kicks to her stomach,
A belt to her back,
She hits her head on the floor,
The loud cold hard crack,
The blood begins flowing as he drags her along,
The room begins spinning,
Her vision is gone,
Still not content,
With the hurt he has caused,
He rubs her face in the broken glass,
That lays there on the floor,
She is almost laying lifeless,
She cannot take much more,
But he drags her down the hallway,
She is screaming in dispair,
And then before she knows it,
He has thrown her down the stairs,
She wakes up hours later,
Feeling strange inside,
A stranger looks at her sadly,
Says I'm sorry the baby died....
She sits there feeling hollow,
And the monster approaches the bed,
I don't know what came over me,
I lost control of my head,
I love you please forgive me,
He says with empty eyes,
She reaches out her hand and smiles,
Doesn't see though his disguise,
But every body else could see
His words were just all lies.

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This is honestly one of the most terrifying things I have ever read. Well done, on many levels.