My Heart Beat......

There is nothing sweeter than your love
nor the power of desire that I have for you
When my emotion dance with your soul
then I surrender into your arms for your deep love
Your love makes me complete deep in my soul
and makes my heart beat to play with your love tune
My heart beats because of your love and affections
and my soul is strong and alive because of your care
As the daylight fades, your thoughts being to beat my heart
and the sailing moon make her way through to dream your love
I wish there was a way to hear your heart beat
and want to tell you the feelings I hold only for you in my heart
When I am with you then my loneliness is stepping away
and my love continue to grow strongly every day in your heart
You bring happiness into my heart and we are mean for one another
You are a true love and me want to be loved by you till my end

by Ravi Sathasivam

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Wow I enjoyed your poem Richard