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EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)


Poem By Eman Awad

I'm so lost,
in what i think is you.
I never thought that,
you could be real or true.
I wish that i could run,
hold your hands and confess my love.
But in my reality and under my sun,
it maynot be impossible but impossibly tough.
How can i know?
If you feel the same.
How can i stop my love to grow?
And my hope to know your name.
Seeing you as every thing,
i've ever wished for,
And seeing what life can bring,
of an illness without a cure.
I'm ill with love and soon i'll die,
if you didn't feel me,
or hear my echo as i cry,
or see the pain on my face,
feel me as i'm lost,
if you're not in the same place.
I saw you leaving,
you never looked back.
How can i be someone to look back for?
How can i be that?
Breathing you in and out,
thinking of no one but you.
Not knowing what my life is about?
if it wasn't about you.
Look into my eyes, as a simple start,
Then you'll know i can be your life,
or just a part...
I can make your life bright,
I can hold your hand,
I can lead you to light,
And guide you to land..
I can let love,
my love,
enter your heart.
So, let me be that simple part...

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