KF (03/08/82 / Southampton)

(part 3 Of Pain) Because You Let Our Babies Die

Got to get away now,
She's taken this too long,
She knows he doesn't love her,
And what he does is wrong,
She had a broken jaw,
A fractured head,
And from the kicks he gave to the stomach,
TWO babies were now dead,
He pulls a fist and she fights back she stands and runs away,
She keeps on running and never looks back,
That was until today....
Three months have passed today he called,
Said he wanted to explain,
He needed to appologise,
And he said he was going to change,
So stupidly she met him,
And she listened to his plea,
I'm so sorry that I hurt you,
But now I'm a new me,
Let me give u a lift home,
I've got to go that way,
And as she get's into the car,
Another game he plays,
He locks the doors and windows,
She is stuck she cant get out,
Takes her to the middle of no where,
So no one hears her shout,
She's begging and she is pleading,
As she tried to push him off,
But he is much to strong for her,
And he is really getting off,
The more she cries the worse he gets,
Until his glory's over,
He sits and does his trousers up whilst humming to the song,
She sits there cold and empty,
With barely nothing on,
He lights a fag's and warns her,
That if she ever tells,
He will come and find her,
Make her life a living hell,
He drive's her home in slience,
He listens to her cry,
And just before she leaves the car,
She turns and asks him why,
You really need to ask he says,
With nothing in his eyes,
That was for not being strong enough,
Because you let our babies die......
He wheel spins off and drivs away,
As she stands in disbelief,
For now she felt like nothing,
Not even room for grief,
She walked in side and went upstairs,
She had a long hot shower,
She scrubbed until the skin was burnt,
Must have been in there for an hour,
Still all the time she blamed herself,
For everything he had done,
If only she had realised,
That was how he'd won.....
Today she is now stronger,
But won't look in your eyes,
Incase you look behind the smile,
And realise it's a lie,
Her walls are up,
Noone gets close,
She pushes them away,
Do you think she will find true happiness,
I hope she does one day.....

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Great poem filled with emotional torment. God bless all poets-MJG.