A Bleeding Rose And The Black Dragons Love

Through dark forests,
And dangerous swamps,
I came upon a rose.

Perfect in every way,
Not a blemish on those dark black petals,
Not a thorn out of place,
Not a single leaf bent.

A trickle of red comes from the petals,
The rose is bleeding,
And so is my heart,
As I look in the dark eyes of the dragon.

Big and slender,
Magnificent yet terrifying,
Black dragon,
So beautiful,
What would harm this dragon?

I kneel down and cry,
But I don’t cry normal tears,
These are tears of healing,
He rises to full height.

He said to take the rose,
I take the rose like the dragon wanted,
Such a rush I was in,
I never saw the archer,
The end was slow.

I still held the rose,
As I lay in a pool of blood,
The dragon tells me to wish,
I listened to him.

As I make the wish I can feel my wound healing,
My skin grows hard and leathery wings grow,
My wish was to be a dragon.

I pick one more rose,
A rose for him,
The dragon I saved,
The dragon that I love
The dragon that loves me.

Even as we fly to the garden of roses,
We remember the first rose,
The rose that saved me,
The rose that soaked in my blood.

Where we go now is too a place,
A place as dark as the night of her death,
The death of Lady Katrina,
The woman I used to be.

Now, all I am is a dragon,
As black as the one I love,
My name is the name I was born with,
The name Nephora,
And he is my love,
My love named,

by Nicolette Gonzalez

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Interesting poem rich