Inner Realm__ Pain In My Chest__

Inner Realm
__ Pain in my Chest__

Pain in my chest sharp severe pain,
My heart with many thoughts is thoughtless.
For bygone time it is throbbing,
And time moves not with pain in chest.
Breath is not thick for pain untold,
Moving pain is now subdued deep.
Single thought may heal or hide it,
The pain that is strong with much care.
With time it grows and fed by shade,
The pain in my heart and it is true.
Nothing can cover it or share,
It is deep and private to deem.
Air blows with sweet fragranceand fume,
The waves rise and fall with rhythm.
The merrymaking all around,
The dance is eternal without bar.
Only no agility in my heart,
Pain profound did make it buttoned.
In my pain there is love and loss,
There is dream and utter eclipse.
Pain conclusive and recondite,
Nothing to move it beyond time.
The wall of my heart is seasoned,
With spear and stroke, sore and sharp snack.
A small pain in my chest and back,
drilling the cave of my heart to being.
The sky is cloudy and floating,
Life is numb like graveyard quiet and calm.
Seasons come and go with many form,
Colour each and every nook of Nature,
Snow falls and new leaves sprout in trees,
Rivers flow, dry, with ebb and tide.
Flowers make mood merry and with time die,
Into nothingness it sleeps safe.
The clouds pass and fall like kindness,
Sometimes it mourns with pain in chest.
With each season nature is thrill,
The dream within dream and dreamy charm.
With only season my heart abides.
Season of pain and pain only.
A single pain lone in my heart.

by Prabir Gayen

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Part 6 is great