Part In Peace: Is Day Before Us?

Part in peace: is day before us?
Praise His Name for life and light;
Are the shadows lengthening o’er us?
Bless His care Who guards the night.

Part in peace: with deep thanksgiving,
Rendering, as we homeward tread,
Gracious service to the living,
Tranquil memory to the dead.

Part in peace: such are the praises
God our Maker loveth best;
Such the worship that upraises
Human hearts to heavenly rest.

by Sarah Flower Adams

Comments (10)

This poem is lyrical in its overview. A good chord note would add a scintillating feeling. I like the ABAB CDCD EFEF rhythm
Simple sentiments shared elegantly
Absolutely sublime! Great poem written by a great poet!
Beautiful hymn, great poet.
Deep faith and trust laid in God.. always Part In Peace, the sense of calm all pervasive and enables commune with the almighty.. enjoyed reading. thanks for sharing.
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