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Part Of My Life
FU (1/23/1979 / Philippines)

Part Of My Life

Poem By Francis Utada

In our life people come our way
Make a big mark in our life
Sometimes good and sometimes bad
But whatever it is they have done
One thing would never change

They have been a part of my life
Who changed me the way I am
To better or worst, they wont be forgotten
Coz once part of your life, it will never change
So thank you for coming into my life

It may have been my fault
Maybe I’ve put a cut into your heart
But the memories will remain forever
Though sorry is not enough, still thankful for you

And remember we may have parted ways
In our memories there’s still some good things left to smile at
There are bad things we learned from
We may have lost it but forever it will be a part of my life

Thank you even if I know some of you are mad
I would never deny all the things you have shared
Though it may be good or bad, it doesn’t matter
All the bad thing have been forgiven and the good thing remembered

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keep your optimism character and keep your good poems too! =)