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Be My Val
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Be My Val

Poem By micheal udenyi

Some will get it!
Some will not.
Some blueprints are understood,
For what they are!
Should an entire project be dropped...
Or stopped,
Because a disinterested passerby
Tries to 'picture' at a glance...
Where the entrances and exits will be?
If it can't be envisioned,
Why waste time in explanation?
If someone recognizes trash on the street...
But doesn't fathom the concept of a broom!
Garbage will always be considered attractive,
By those who have grown believing it as part of their existence!
'That' has not become associated with a lesson plan!

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A good model for what one can or doesn't make of their lives....the blueprint of our lives is in our hands to make the best of it that we can.If we give our best we can hope for less 'garbage' in our wake....ten plus ten plus ten.........marci.