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Part One: Confused
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Part One: Confused

Lieing to myself, Lieing to you,
Practincing being far from your love,
so many lives hurt, so many lives gone,
freedom is the only way out,
Screaming for help, Screaming to be saved,
Life changing too fast cant keep up,
Wanting to be old, Wanting to be young,
Feeling lost in a cold world,
Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow is scary,
Reality is away from my eyes,
Live in the past, Lost in the furture,
Finding yourself is easy with time,
Listen the words, Listen to the meaning,
Laugh once in while you'll be happy with the results,
Patience is lost, Patience doesnt wait for us,
Life is short but the pain is long,
Wishes not heard, Prayers not answered,
Waiting till next time.......

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