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EB ( / Earth)


The Universe is Particles
From one source of creation
And “Universe” includes us all
All in participation

Interesting then it is to find
That Science in its study,
Of those particles found in Planets and Stars
People, cars and money

Was interested not so much
In what those particles were
Nor of their every constituent part
They try hard to observe

But more how they behaved toward
Other particles parked close by
For it seems that this behaviour
Results in you and I

So I suggest, that if there is
One rule that we should follow
Its is this “Universal” sign, which says:
'Bad behaviour' is immoral

If it’s good enough for the particles that bring us all together
Lets remember
The way that we behave ourselves
Is more important than just being clever

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Comments (2)

Great message Egal. Sincerely, Mary
Wonderful poem! Last verse a bit difficult though because it changes form. Very original and wise. I enjoyed it!