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But then I was discovered,
And all the host was hushed;
A hundred angry warriors
Toward me quickly rushed!

I could not move, nor speak a word;
My body left the ground
As I was carried to the Queen
With faerie-magic bound.

'Thou hast intruded on our feast;
For that thou'st no excuse!
The penalty could be thy life -
But I shall turn thee loose.'

'Of what thou saw tonight, I vow,
To all thy friends thou'lt tell,
But none will 'ere believe thee,
For I'll cast Cassandra's spell.'

And as she spoke the magic words
In some forgotten tongue,
There was a flash like light'ning,
Then darkness, to me clung.

When I awoke, t'was morning, bright;
I lay beside the track;
I rose up slowly to my feet
And memories came back.

Don't turn your back and walk away!
It's true, I vow, I swear!
I saw a Faerie Feast last May
And a Faerie Queen was there!

O please won't someone listen to
The tale I have to tell?
Alas! No one believes me for
She cast a faerie spell!

by John Bliven Morin

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A powerful moment. I love this poem.
What a wonderful poem, Bertolt Brecht has very powerful language for poem.
Bertolt; Wow I enjoyed your poem. nice! !
Bertolt; Wow I enjoyed your poem. nice! !