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Parting Love

Shall I Compare My Beloved To A Snowy Night

Beauty As Graceful As The Winters Breeze

Thou Art More Enchanting Than The Radiant Moonlight

As The Night Soon End I Can Not Be At Ease

This Sight To See As The Heavens Light Look Upon You

Thou Art So Winsome Yet Thy Sky Shed Cold Tears

Are Love Affair May Soon Be Fair, So Long As We Make Due

Thy Eternal Beauty Fades As The Heavens Light Disappears

But Thy Snowy Night Wont Vanish I Shall Give Thee And Eternal Gift

A Gift The Depths Of Hell Cannot Touch Nor See

As Thou Art Fragile Yet So Stiffed

Eternal Love I Give To Thee

Treasure This Gift Always As We Soon Departs

So Long as Our Love Is True We Will Never Be Apart

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