(11 July 1936 - / Brahmanbaria / Bangladesh)

Partition Of Heritage

Why don't forget if you can?
Forget our walking nights accompanied by the Moon.
Forget the dewy grasses in the Niaz field.
Setting cold fingers into my pocket
you used to say, 'Don't mind, dear, I can't help doing it.'
The nightingale on the bough of Bakul tree burst into laughter.

Why don't wipe off if you can ?
Wipe off the black marks of coal from the wall.
Once you used to redden my face with joke,
and suddenly got anxious thinking of my hidden rage;
your thin necklace used to tremble on your throat;
Is there allowed any partition, darling, in that happy game?

The full Moon rises now over your roof;
If you have courage enough, conceal the moonlight.

Behold, how the sports of ducks cause flood into
the river!
Divide the water if there lies any sin.
O my Love, tear the blood-thirsty trap of light and shade;
why don't tear if you can?

[Translated by Sayeed Abubakar from Sonali Kabin]

Translator's Not: Niaz: The name of a field. Bakul: A kind of flower.

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