Partners In Crime

You're my closest associate,
What's said and done,
Is always appropriate.
You're the man with the master plan,
I'm the girl who will give it a whirl.
I'm your sidekick,
Your my hero,
Look how far we have come,
We started from zero.
We are peas in a pod,
Partners in crime,
For the love of you,
I would do time.
Hatching a plan,
As thick as thieves,
Always something new,
Hidden up our sleeves.
We've made a pact,
We are going the distance,
It's a fact.
For what i'm lacking,
You make up in,
From deep blue seas,
Arabian nights,
All inclusive first class flights.
Planning our journeys,
Mapping out routes,
In this two man army,
We are the recruits.
Our mission is simple,
But hard is the graft.
We have our transport,
A bubble shaped aircraft.
Every thing else,
Looks after itself.

by madeline morris

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