Partners In Life

In the midst of twinkling stars in dark starry nights,
you arrived in my life as a breakaway star,
the bright trail you left in sky,
sparkled my heart with heavenly joy.

Like two strangers we met on that life's road,
Forsaking everyone we had in this world,
Like two loving hearts strolling as one,
we made our journey together in the paths unknown,
Like the twinkling stars in the sky,
we were eternally there for each other.

The fun and excitements of life,
we enjoyed together as delicate wine,
The pain and sorrows of life,
we shared together as bad dreams,
The joy and worries of raising family,
we cherished with sublime sweet emotions.
The unhappiness and discord in life,
we overcame with our trust and love divine.

No matter what lies at our unknown destination,
rest be assured that I will be yours,
and you will be mine.

by Jay P Narain

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Comments (2)

A beutiful and sincere Promise - 'rest be assured that I will be yours, and you will be mine.'
Very lovely and well written poem. I really like it.