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Party Games
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Party Games

Yet another day in dawning,
wake up sleepy stand up yawning,
again preparing for a job I hate while closing bathroom door.
Shower taking soon appearing,
chiming of the hour nearing,
being late my only fearing,
fearing as in days before.
This morning not a speck of difference since the pass of days before.
Forgotten hope killed once more.

Outside to the Jeep abiding,
journey to work there residing,
listen to the soothing sounds of music while in transit onward wore.
At the job site inside going,
hit the clock on time so showing,
seeing John in horror knowing,
knowing last nights football score.
his favorite team played mine and won with a much higher score.
With me words insulting more.

Suffered through the long day sending,
thankful when at last was ending,
with John debating where to go while walking out the door.
Quickly both of us agreeing,
only one place for us being,
with a beer our thoughts in freeing,
freeing from our day long chore.
At the Fat Cat we will have a beer forgetting this daily chore.
Promise this time one, no more.

Barstools now our feet relieving,
from bartender beer receiving,
Three way conversation with bartender while our drinks to glasses pour.
Afternoon so quickly wearing,
people join with us in sharing,
when our beer is finished daring,
daring us promise ignore.
Think of all the good times to be had and your promise made ignore.
Join the party, have one more.

'What the hell.' we said agreeing,
gave into their pressure pleaing,
surrendered to a hundred people as second beer in glasses pour.
Party starts alcohol flowing,
two, eight, twelve the number growing,
vision blurring movement slowing,
slowing unconscious to the floor.
Both of us having too much to drink thus passing out onto the floor.
Unknown winners have once more.

Awake naked sunlight blinding,
cemetery ourselves finding,
Laying in an unknown grave yard no idea why with no decor.
houses in the distance showing,
dirt road that direction going,
walk in silent terror knowing,
knowing this happened before.
Wonder what strange forces are at work to do this now and once before.
Secret keep forever more! -Kidd

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Sleep all day, and party hearty at the Newport Villa's yes sir!