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Party Piece
(7 February 1946 / Liverpool / England)

Party Piece

Poem By Brian Patten

He said:

'Let's stay here
Now this place has emptied
And make gentle pornography with one another,
While the partygoers go out
And the dawn creeps in,
Like a stranger.

Let us not hesitate
Over what we know
Or over how cold this place has become,
But let's unclip our minds
And let tumble free
The mad, mangled crocodile of love.'

So they did,
There among the woodbines and guinness stains,
And later he caught a bus and she a train
And all there was between them then
was rain.

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Comments (5)

This is a very interesting poem
Brian Wow I enjoyed your poem nice one
This is just superb. The evocation of place and atmosphere - Woodbines, Guiness, gentle pornogrphy, .... and the ending caps it all. Love this poem.
One of the great poems. Shows you don't have to be obscure or clever. 'The mad, mangled crocodile of love', fab!
I got The Mersey Sound for my 10th birthday from our lodger. It is still one of my best loved books.