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Party: (

Party people, party faces
forget the pain within
swirling drinks, laughing people
the room begins to spin
a half eaten lime, a lipstick stained glass
a twirling fun filled world
a can of beer, a good mixed drink
its never the same boy or girl
the party swells, the night rolls on
the usual personalities change
an empty cup, a dancing person
a fleeting moment of fame.
the glasses are empty, the party dies down
the tires begin to squeal
the gravel flies, the feelings soar
the party goes faster on wheels
the missed stop sign, a passing van
the horror of the night revealed
a broken horn, the smoke filled air,
the blood on the cracked windshield.
a gruesome scene, the fading sun
a piercing pain within
a grieving mother, a dark somber funeral
and an innocent someone's coffin
crying hearts, blank sad faces
a mournful song in each ear.
All this pain, all this sorrow
all for a tall glass of beer.

(it's ok a. we never stopped loving you. and will always be here for you.)

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