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Pass Me By
KJ ( / )

Pass Me By

Money, clothes, pimps, hoes
It all passes me by
Niggaz, dealers, junkies, foes
It all passes me by
Your common sense
Lack of intelligence
It all passes me by
Down the walk I take
The mask you wear
Here and there cause your fake
All dreams easily can be thrown in a lake
And it all passes me by
No conscious
To take care of your responsibility
Leaves a sun without the ability to shine
No choice of thought
Other than nine
All passes me by
Violence and crime
Innocence slain into a pine
box - over slinging rocks
Catches my attention
Even slows down
As it all passes me by
Sang a song WHY?
But without any answers
It all passes me by
A fool’s incompetence
Leads the blind
Even I for a while
But it all passed me right by
Because it’s nothing but a case
Of niggaz and flies
And the more I see niggaz
The more I like flies

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