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Pass The Blame

Why must the children suffer,
their always the one's that pay.
a broken marriage, an abusive home,
they never have a say, yet through it all
they try to smile and display their childish charms,
and all they need is a little love, and to be held in
someones arms.

But pick up any paper and the stories will abound,
of children starved or beaten, or several that were
drowned, we close our eyes and hold our ears at this
horror beyond belief, yet these things are really happening,
and they fill our world with grief. you read of a new born
infant simply thrown away, a tiny little angel that never had
a say.

When is it going to stop, will we ever see the end,
they're products of our society, so it's up to us my friend
we must stop the moral decay, and turn this world around,
before we read the story of another victim found.
but no one wants to listen and we should hang our heads
in shame and tomorrow when another child dies,
we'll simply pass the blame.

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