In a great hall
flag draped a coffin stands.
Now at final rest
the great warrior lay.

With rising to setting sun
all through the day.
From every walk of life
his beloved public filed past.

The youngest to the most senior.
Dearest friend to complete stranger
Dignitary to the least known.
All came to bid this one adieu.

Stifled sob an abrupt cough
Sounds of mourning echo.
Shuffling feet passing
A whispered good bye prayer.

Now the hall is silent.
save his honor guard.
Standing a faithful watch.

Only by the living.
Replaced by spirit throng
to escort this warrior home.

Defiant Viking King
stately armored knight.
Somber desert Sultan
mysterious far east Emperor.

Unseen but their presence sensed.
Leagues of warriors past.
Leaving their places in history
parade from misty shadows.

Legions line an avenue
that leads to eternal grace.
The one who sleeps now forever.
Soul and spirit have traveled on.

Mortals who remain behind.
Commit but a symbol
to a place of honor.
In remembrance for all time.

by Kurt Hearth

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