Passage Tjhrough The Sea, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Passage De La Mer By T. Wignesan

It's not enough to be torn apart from the night
The night must be made to give birth.

Now this earth's a sealed-off orbit
This sea an abdomen without lips.
When the ground and the sky are not but one wall
When water flowing into water becomes totally welded
Death appears hermetically maternal
At the moment when one should be saved.
How many times Oh! How many times
Fetus expelled without the feeling of your being born
Would you want to be re-engendered before being
You despair always you hope
Until the Day of all Days.
Here between Migdol and the sea
You said: « Was there not in Egypt
Enough graves for us to be buried in? »
You wanted to return to Misraïm
To consume your last piece of bread
In front of your burial pit.

You know of the anguish the death
Of the infant who has to be born.
For him in that mortal matrix
If he showed more resistance
He would want to be born contrary to nature
He suffers the horrible imminence of the Wind
The space beyond space itself.
Here at least forever in an embryonic state
Without being born he is.

But the Wind endows you through all the fibers
He is of your fiber
He praises adoring blessed glorified
He forces the lips of the sea through your lips
In order to be pushed outside by your scream
You are born here.

It's not enough to be pulled out of Egypt
It was necessary to pave your entry into the desert
Exaggerate the aridness as the promised land
In such a way that your breath surging up to the heavens Forms with its dust a column of fire
Which never-ending
Going through him

(Tu, O.C. t. II, p.549)

© T. Wignesan - Paris, October 20,2014

by T. (no first name) Wignesan

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