AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)


You're looking for a passageway between the real world
and the land of the spectres
In your past life you served as a capable guide for wayward souls
For making fatal mistakes you stirred up rage of the Watchers
After you were dismissed, with them you stayed at opposite poles

Unwittingly, you unraved the sacred mystery of creation
Yet you were banned from telling the mortals about it
To relieve a burden, you had to offer yourself as an immolation
Together with the wicked demons, you were thrown down
the yawning pit

They tried to both frighten, and spellbind you, but that was fruitless
Fervently wishing to extort the esoteric axiom from you
They sealed the only passageway shut, but you remained speechless
You knew with your unfinished mission in your next life you
would continue

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