AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)


A new secret weapon ain't the backroom boys' brainchild
We were taught forbidden knowledge by divine messengers
Non-stop warfare between hawks and doves is running wild
For the farthest flight the chosen are transit passengers

The avenging archangels in the disguise of men appear
To provide us with swords so that we wll slay each other
Nobody on Earth can dispel that deadly fear
When friends turn into enemies, and a son rises against father

The Saviour is helpless, coz the evil of mankind is great
The ungodly offspring befouled the Earth with wicked deeds
Formed in God's image, we're unaware of our nature and fate
That's the root of sin, spreading malicious seeds

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Interesting stuff, to say the least. I think we might be on a similar wavelength. H