Passing By

Today they stood in silence,
While trying not to cry.
They gathered round the casket
So slowly passing by.

Their heads were bowed in sorrow.
They seldom said a word.
The shuffle of their footsteps
Was all the sound you heard.

In coming to the service,
I thought it was quite true;
We seldom show our feelings
Till after life is through.

I'm proud to say I knew her,
The one that passed away.
There's much that I could tell you,
But I shall not this day.

They had their chance to tell her;
They loved, but never did.
How much they could have shown her,
The love that they kept hid!

She said it didn't matter.
But I knew it was the case;
That we all need the comfort,
That comes with love's embrace.

And so, they came to worship,
And pay their just respect.
To she, who dearly loved them.
Who died of their neglect.

And so, I took a moment,
To say a prayer and cry;
For those who stood in silence,
As she, came passing by.


Comments (22)

we all need the comfort that comes from love's embrace....lovely lines
beautiful tribute, filled with sadness and great amiration for the one who passed. I am sure she was a great lady.
So true to life..I like how the words seamlessly flow in your poems.
another beautiful write from you sir............we do not realize the value of some thing untill we have lost it and then we well u have penned the thoughts.........
What a beautiful poem this is, Greenwolfe, and it expresses one of the saddest of truths....that we rarely show our deep love for someone until they are gone. Your words are carefully and very well chosen in this poem, written with just enough restraint to avoid the trap of becoming maudlin like so many sad poems do. In that respct, it makes this an exceptional poem and I am proud to say I have read it, liked it, and enjoyed it. Carl.
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